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Project Delivery

Project-Based Work. 


This work varies based on where the client's interest lies. For our legal clients, we assist in things like case preparation and legal research. For our non-law clients, the work is diverse and flexible based on their needs but have included business research and staff augmentation among other projects.

Man Carrying a Box

Strategic Planning

Issue Spotting, Unbiased Advice, Business Road Mapping

We help you come up with a plan to implement initiatives and/or organize tasks to increase productivity. Planning often includes research we present to the client in working with them to create or further a plan. 

Research and Analysis

We do legal research specifically for our attorney clients and business research and analysis to solve all of our clients' concerns. Additionally, our clients hire us for an outside perspective to troubleshoot internal issues.

Our legal experience is in real estate, business law, estate planning, discrimination cases, and other primarily civil areas of law.

Researching and Writing
Business Consultant

Business Presence

An online business presence is ideal for new businesses or existing ones. We create or update a website and/or social media presence for clients. Expedited services are available.


Past clients included individuals and small business owners who hired us to work with them to organize, reduce and create systems to declutter. The organizing ranges from animate objects data like expenses in preparation for presenting to an accountant etc.

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