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Longhouse Consulting is a managerial consulting firm aimed at individuals and small organizations. Our clients are everyday people who run small businesses, small to medium sized law firms, and individuals who need help. 


Clients hire us to take on projects they need but don't have the human capital to complete. We specialize in short-term objectives and ongoing smaller case matters. All the while saving our clients time and human capital. 


Amara Ridley


Ms. Ridley formed Longhouse Consulting after graduating from law school and working periodically as an independent consultant for several years. She is the product of family-run businesses and developed a passion and appreciation for supporting small businesses, startups, nonprofits, and solo practitioner attorneys.

She found that while consulting services were in high demand and provided a valuable service to clients, many smaller businesses, startups, and individuals could not afford the costs of typical consulting firms. 

It was not until several of her own friends, who are small business owners, asked for help on small projects that she chose to create a practice to help others like them.

Many of our clients are small businesses that frequently find they need short-term help on projects or help to work through a problem. It is often necessary to have an extra set of eyes to get that project through to completion. 

Simplicity is key. We focus narrowly on the issue our client has and work with them to come up with a plan or execute a solution. 

We hope our team can work with you and your team.

Phone: 978-435-1985

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